Absinthe Recipe

In the event you type in "Absinthe recipe" on a google search you will find plenty of free DIY recipes and instructions to create Absinthe at home. Some recipes I found contained ingredients including wormwood, hyssop, calamus root, mint, cloves, fennell seeds, star anise, nutmeg, ouzo and Everclear. Now, these herbs all look like they're acceptable herbs for producing Absinthe and the Everclear and Ouzo give the homemade Absinthe its alcohol content BUT making Absinthe at home from herbs isn't quite as simple as making homemade beer and is very risky.

Common Wormwood, or Artimesia Absinthium, continues to be known to be a hallucinogen in large doses and calamus root and nutmeg are typical herbs that happen to be psychoactive and can have psychodelic effects. The alcohol absinthe-recipe.com along with other ingredients can have a sedative effect and the alcohol is obviously an intoxicant. Is it really safe to blend these herbs with alcohol using recipes on the internet? That's doubtful! This kind of Green Fairy could leave you feeling rather ill!

It's always best to buy quality Absinthe brands such as Pernod, Hapsburg, Mari Mayans and Rodniks from known suppliers or to purchase Absinthe essences online from manufacturers like AbsintheKit.com. You can aquire Absinthe, also referred to as Absenta, without or with wormwood although a lot of people feel that Absinthe isn't Absinthe without wormwood, after all that's how it got its name.

Absinthe Recipe - The Routine

Once you've bought your quality Absinthe, or made a bottle from essence, you will have to discover ways to prepare proper Absinthe, the Absinthe from history enjoyed by famous artists and writers like Oscar Wilde and Van Gogh.

These instructions will let you create the perfect Absinthe. You will need:-
- Absinthe
- An Absinthe glass or large glass
- An Absinthe spoon (or strainer)
- A cube of sugar
- Cold water

Pour about 25-50ml of Absinthe to the glass. cube of sugar to the spoon and rest over the glass.
Slowly pour or drip the cold water over the sugar and on the Absinthe.
Enjoy La Louche - the essential oils of the herbs within the Absinthe are certainly not water soluble therefore louche or cloud and make the drink milky. It is good to view.

You can get antique Absinthiana including spoons, glasses and Absinthe fountains or buy cheaper replicas. These can give your Absinthe preparation and drinking true style. An Absinthe fountain enables you to control the dripping of the water to give you an excellent louche effect.

There are plenty of cocktail drinks you can make with Absinthe, including Ernest Hemingway's favorite "Death in the Afternoon" which is a mix of Absinthe and champagne.

Stay away from any Absinthe Recipe for homemade Absinthe and purchase safe products where the levels of thujone and psychoactive herbs are controlled and measured.