Learning Where to Buy Lucid Absinthe

Lucid Absinthe Superieure is definitely the first actual wormwood made up of Absinthe to be legalized in the US ever since the ban in 1912 so many people are desperate to know where to buy Lucid Absinthe.

Lucid was created by distiller Ted Breaux and Viridian Spirits for the US Absinthe market. In contrast to other fake Absinthes, which were created to be sold in the US, it has real grande wormwood (Artemisia Absinthium) http://wheretopurchaseabsinthe.com and other classic Absinthe herbs. Additional information is found at drinklucid.com but here are some details of Lucid Absinthe Superieure:-

- It obtains its green color from whole herbs instead of man-made colors.
- It has wormwood, sweet fennel, green anise along with other classic Absinthe herbs.
- It was developed by Ted Breaux, a leading Absinthe distiller, who used his knowledge of traditional Absinthe making methods to make this historically accurate vintage style Absinthe which satisfies US regulations.
- Lucid has a full measure of grande wormwood exactly like pre ban Absinthes. It had been a myth that Absinthe contained immeasureable thujone - tests on vintage bottles showed that they will all pass US laws (10mg/kg or under of thujone).
- Lucid is made up of 62% alcohol by volume.
- It's distilled in Saumur in France.
- Lucid has a very exceptional black bottle with green cat's eyes motivated by a Montmartre cabaret show "Le Chat Noir" from 1881.

Where to buy Lucid Absinthe

In line with the Lucid website it can be bought over the United States therefore you must be able to buy it through your local liquor store. You can look on the drinklucid website for stockists of Lucid by state, online stockists such as Shoppers Vineyard and Crown Wine and Spirits, and then for bars and restaurants that serve Lucid. The web site also offers a web shop where one can order Lucid apparel.

Lucid is not the only Absinthe to have been legalized in the US - a brand called Green Moon and Absinthes from Kubler have been legalized.

Yet another excellent method of enjoying Absinthe in the USA should be to order Absinthe essences from AbsintheKit.com who offer free world wide shipping. There's a handling fee for the very first item but shipping and handling is free of charge for additional products ordered.

The essences from AbsintheKit.com are produced from an alcohol base which is distilled with top-quality herbs just like wormwood, aniseed and fennel. The essences are incredibly economical, only $3.95 ($4.95 for the Strong 55) per 20ml essence that produces a 750ml bottle of Absinthe. Kits made up of 280ml of essence, a measure and bottle labels are also available costing $29 ($39 for Strong 55). These kits make 14 bottles of Absinthe so they are a good buy. Merely mix 20ml of essence together with 730ml of Everclear or vodka now you've got your own real Green Fairy, as Absinthe is well known.

Essences are a good substitute to searching for where to buy Lucid Absinthe and are generally fun to utilize too.