Live your dream right after winning The Fairy Tale scratch card game

If you are still stuck to scratching on paper scratch n win cards then you need to move online as you can now live out your dream after winning The Fairy Tale scratch card game. This exciting castle-and-princess based online scratch card game will help you find your virtual princess whilst rewarding you with the magnificent 200,000 Pound jackpot prize money.

While you might be rather contended by scratching away on physical scratch to win tickets, you may have overlooked the factors which make online scratch games so much more fun to try out 7th heaven scratch. Instead of visiting various scratch out ticket stores and totally wasting paper in the zeal to end up with those winning scratch off tickets, you can simply play exciting and varied online scratch card games such as the wonderful Fairy Tale in the comfort of your home. You can also play on a 24/7 basis as opposed to being limited to rushing to your preferred scratch to win ticket store right before or after work. At the end of the day, you will surely end up saving valuable time, fuel, and energy by moving online while also having the fun of your life at the same time.

In order to get started with The Fairy Tale scratch card game you only need to get registered at the kings of gaming sites like primescratchcards and scratch2cash in which you will also find eye-catching starting bonuses that can also be used as free online scratch cards. As soon as you get registered and click on The Fairy Tale game then you will be in a position to watch a breathtaking castle with 5 towers in addition to closed windows. Your aim is to click on the windows to open them and view the figures inside these towers. You may be met by witches, gnomes, rumbling dragons, and of course fairy princesses that could be awaiting you behind those closed windows. If you are able to collect 3 similar characters within the 5 towers then you could win amazing prizes such as the amazing 200,000 Pound Jackpot prize.

If you genuinely wish to have a great time while playing this fascinating game then you can click away at each tower to disclose the hidden character or you may simply rush towards the prizes once you select the Scratch All feature to look at all 5 tower characters at one go our site. You can also utilize the Autoplay feature after indicating the amount of games that you want to play automatically combined with the amount of the bet so as to relax while looking forward to the fairy princess to reward you with untold riches. The sharp graphics and haunting music will compel you to definitely continue playing this excellent scratch card game even as you win thousands of various prizes as part of your endeavor to hit the enormous jackpot.

During these fast times, you as well should move over to convenient and varied forms of entertainment that also provide you with the feel of traditional scratch to win card games but with a colorful twist in each game. Instead of scratching and tearing away at boring paper tickets you've got a chance of simply clicking on scenic towers to reveal a wide range of colorful characters that might lead you to massive riches. You can easily allow a few clicks to guide you to this amazing game even while you actually have a chance to live out your dream right after winning The Fairy Tale scratch card game.