Proven tips for using embroidery patches

While a lot of people believe embroidery patches would be better used to conceal unsightly holes, these can in reality be easily utilized to liven up any outfit. Believe it or not embroidery patches can be utilised for a host of other things as well other than garments. Bags, hats, pillows, blankets, bed linen'¦all may use embroidery patches to get a small sharpening.

Should you have an existing bag that you might want to dress up or would like to give your children's blankets a bit of makeover you may use embroidery patches to do the trick for yourself. Whilst you can simply purchase these patches at your local embroidery store you can also create them yourself or look then up online. There are numerous kinds of sites in which you can purchase these patches in large quantities and have them delivered in your doorstep. You will have a huge plethora of designs from which to choose and can have patches customized with respect to the purpose. As an example, using different patches over a blanket can supply you with an incredible collage effect. It is possible to turn a simple shopping bag into something exciting by putting an embroidery patch on it. In fact you may use embroidery patches on cloth boxes for your children demarcating their possession and signifying the application of that box.

These patches look remarkably cute when placed on baby clothes also. However, when you think it's mainly for the homey, girly stuff for which you can make use of these patches, you've got another thought coming your way. Think biker jackets and bags. You can use embroidery patches made of leather to provide some character to these gadgets and make them look strikingly unique.

If you find that you don't want something store bought and would prefer to do it yourself then making these patches is very easy. Canvas, cotton, leather, stiff velvet etc can be your personal choice of fabric which you may create the patch. Decide on the material based on the work required to the patch together with the function of the patch. For example you can make use of a leather embroidery patch for a boy's bag and utilize a velvet patch with a girls bag. The choice of fabric is for your personal flavour and choice.

After deciding on the purpose of your embroidery patches, go with a design, draw it in greater detail in color on paper after which get the supplies that you will need. Use a backing paper when coming up with an embroidery patch since this paper can give your patch a neat and purchased look. Once you've transferred the final design to the fabric you will be attaching an embroidery hoop firmly around it. Then again make sure that your design is in the center of your hoop so that you could embroider without difficulty. Complete embroidering the pattern before you decide to cut it out. Also use a greater count of threads when creating outlines and borders to provide a rather raised frame effect in your pattern. Trim your pattern out and fix an iron on adhesive on it. Your patches are now ready to be used.