Sip on effervescent sparkling water all day long

While remaining hydrated is essential for good health, convincing your tongue to drink bland water could be a pain. Opting for fizzy sodas or soda pop filled with sugar and caffeine is not a healthy option. You could instead sip on effervescent sparkling water all day long so as to remain hydrated and satisfy your tongue at the same time.

Once you enter through the door of any supermarket or your neighborhood store, you will surely be surrounded by various brands of bottled watermineral water, sparkling water, club sodas, fruit juices, spring water, artesian well water, and flavored plain and sparkling water, which could make your choice difficult. However, if you start reading the labels of these bottled products, you will realize that most of them contain sugar, caffeine, preservatives, artificial flavors and colors that all add up to empty calories that will only seek out your abdomen and thighs to establish permanent residence. You need not negate the benefits of drinking water by drinking products that could harm your body or turn you into an addict.

You should, instead look for labels that mention no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, sugar or caffeine but yet provide you with tantalizing taste that provides salivating nirvana to your tongue every time you take a sip. Most of these bottled wonders are available in 12 pack bottles or cans that can be conveniently carried home. Various flavors such as lemon, lime, apple, peach, pomegranate, and many more will keep tickling your tongue throughout the year. If you have a custom of serving drinks to your guests then you can shift to serving them chilled and nutritious flavored sparkling water when they visit your home. Your guests will surely fall in love with the delicious flavors while diabetics too will be able to get a welcome break from drinking boring old water.

There are several brands that offer carbonated water blended with real fruit juice or fruity concentrate flavors. One brand that is sure to please your palate is izzie that has a mind-tingling range of fruit flavors blended with effervescent carbonated water packed with health benefits. You can choose from delectable flavors packed in recyclable glass bottles or aluminum cans that are packed in recycled cardboard boxes. This environmentally-conscious company also educates visitors on the importance of recycling on its website. You are sure to love each and every flavor made by izzie and can now remain healthy as well as hydrated at the same time.

You could also achieve water carbonation or make seltzer water right in your own home if you have the right carbonated water dispenser or soda maker in your home. You can collect water from your drinking water dispenser or drinking water cooler and infuse it with carbonic acid and flavors of your choice. If, however, you prefer buying recyclable bottles of flavored bubbly water then you can easily place an online order and get them delivered to your home.

You should drink adequate amount of safe drinking water to protect your organs from dehydration. If drinking plain water is a pain then you can convert it to pleasure by shifting to drinking flavored sparkling water in bottled form or by making it in your home. Either way, you are sure to remain healthy, happy and hydrated at the same time.

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